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Corporate Governance

The HAAF Group: Committed to serve the people in the European metropolitan region

The HAAF group of companies has chosen to commit itself to assuming responsibility within the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region during a time of digitization and Industry 4.0. We take care of our workforce and its families. And how can you see that? We are making sustainable investments into our clerical and industrial teams, keeping them fit for a digitized work environment in the face of delayed retirements due to the increase in retirement age in Germany.

The HAAF group of companies has its registered office in Römerberg, and thus right in the midst of the European Rhine-Neckar metropolitan region. This is where, in an area of about 5,600 square kilometers, about 2.4 million people live – among them, more than 85,000 college students.
And it is exactly in this European metropolitan region where we have assumed the responsibility for training the next generation of skilled logistics experts. We currently already have more than 20 apprentices amongst us. Here, our apprentices have an active hand in shaping the day-to-day operative work, and we also support their annual apprentices' weekend. In this context, the group of companies completely funds all of the expenses for this apprentice-designed and -organized event. We also feel ethically committed to our drivers. E.g., we invest in on-going training for our drivers to adopt a consumption- and emissions-conscious driving style, and we also provide proprietary housing units for them.

We take care of our workforce, and we appreciate employees who work governed by an entrepreneurial/courageous attitude, developing and implementing individualized solutions while serving our customers. Consequently, we support employees who respect people and the environment, have the flexibility to change as a new production factor in the era of Industry 4.0, and who enjoy working creatively and together with us on shaping the continued growth trajectory of the HAAF group of companies. In doing so, our target vision is that of an industrial-grade industry specialist. A provider of individualized solutions for the automotive, chemical, construction materials and packaging industries that seamlessly merges customer orientation and personal commitment with digitization.

Our company culture is – even in efficiency-focused times of Industry 4.0 – characterized by humanity, care, sustainable management, as well as readiness to invest and entrepreneurial courage. And exactly these reliable characteristics have been proven to be resilient in our conduct towards our customers and employees as we pursue our growth path.