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Personal Services

Do you struggle with personnel bottlenecks in Logistics or Production due to seasonal fluctuations in orders, or during vacation and sickness periods?

The "Personnel Services" from the HAAF Group will allow you to respond to such challenges with flexibility and speed! Our employee leasing division can provide you with qualified logistics personnel that has years of experience and expertise.

Whether for production disposal services, loading and unloading of vehicles, commissioning, or administrative shipment processing, our long-term employees on permanent contracts will ensure that you can satisfy your customers even during periods when business is booming.

Thanks to our flexible models, you will only pay for the cost of labor you use when you actually need it. Not having to look for personnel will save you time and money, and allow you to focus on your core competences!

Do you have a need for our services, and would you like more information and a quote?


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Personnel Services
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