The HAAF Group: Added value from individual and innovative vehicle concepts

Eco-Liners, vehicle combinations with a total length of up to 25.25m have been successfully used in Scandinavian countries since 1970 already. After this type of vehicle was also approved for use in the EU more than ten years ago, and after it had proven itself during the testing phase, these vehicles have been in regular operation since 01.01.2017.

As for the technical equipment, we rely on a combination of a Jumbo tractor and a Mega-trailer. Depending on a customer's individual needs, we have an additional load volume of about 40% (when compared to a jumbo trailer). Due to the reduction of transport traffic, we are thus able to reduce emissions by 30%, ensuring sustainable transportation.  
These vehicles may only be used on specific, well-defined routes in Germany. For one customer, we are using an Ecoliner as a shuttle between Hassloch and Hockenheim, as well as Hassloch and Kandel.