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Intermodal Solutions

The HAAF Group: Ready for the intermodal future with craneable mega-trailers

For the years ahead, market experts are forecasting up to double-digit growth rates in the intermodal area, especially, in combined transport. And this despite the introduction of the Eco-Liner. And how does the HAAF group of companies position itself?

We offer you both solutions. We have invested both in the Eco-Liner as well as in craneable mega-trailers, which we use to serve you on the European North-South axis. In addition, our  
craneable mega-trailers are equipped with coil wells that can be used for transporting steel products.

Our intermodal offerings combine the flexibility of using our own fleet for the first and last mile with the reliability and weekend flexibility of rail transport on the cross-alpine route between Germany and Italy. Plus an increased cargo weight of plus 15% (from 24t to 28t), as well as a positive contribution to your carbon footprint in your transport logistics reporting.  

Please contact us with your own transport needs. Our intermodal expert and business development manager, Alexander Gieren, will be happy to work with you.