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Jumbo Logistics

The HAAF Group: Moving volume across Europe

Our fleet today comprises more than 100 owned jumbo tractor units both with and without truck-mounted forklifts. These vehicles have been selected and their number is being continuously expanded taking into account ecological considerations. In addition, we dispatch up to 75 partner vehicle units daily.  

In our fleet, we use standardized vehicle dimensions: 7.7m x 7.7m, with an interior width of 2.50m, interior height of 3.00m - whether with fixed bodies or interchangeable systems. By equipping our vehicles with lifting roofs and curtain sides we are able to optimize the utilization of the 120m3 of cargo volume, as well as allowing loading and unloading by cranes.  

We already have a large pool of swap bodies that meet with great interest as mobile storage; e.g., on construction sites.

We are willing to prove that our modern jumbo fleet is ready and able to meet your individual requirements, too.